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Using aerobic digestion to address food waste at the point of generation eliminating the need for landfill disposal.

Diverting food waste is as easy as ADD…


Simply add food waste every hour throughout the day. The Digester can process most food items.


Aerobic digestion technology uses a proprietary blend of microorganisms to naturally break down food waste into liquid form.


Once food waste is completely broken down it is safely discharged as wastewater through any standard sewer line. Complete diversion from landfill.

Digester Models

Revolution Series™ Digesters

Compact design, requiring minimal floor space, that can process up to 800 lbs (360 kg) of food waste per day.

Designed to cost-effectively meet the needs of not only the restaurant market segment but also any small volume waste generator.

Model Seed Sprout Sapling
24 Hour Capacity up to
500 lbs
up to
227 kg
up to
650 lbs
up to
295 kg
up to
800 lbs
up to
360 kg
Dimensions Width 30 in 76 cm 40 in 102 cm 50 in 127 cm
Depth 30 in 76 cm 30 in 76 cm 30 in 76 cm
Height 48 in 123 cm 48 in 123 cm 48 in 123 cm
Weight 535 lbs 240 kg 670 lbs 304 kg 780 lbs 354 kg
Power Source United States: 115 Volt
International: 220/230V 50/60Hz
Spec Sheet Download PDF

Installation Requirements

  • Simple plumbing connection
  • Internet access (BioHiTech Cloud® only)
  • Hot/cold water lines with mixing valve

Eco-Safe Digester® Series

Large, high volume machines that can process up to 2400 lbs (1100 kg) of food waste per day.

Designed to service mid-to-large volume organic waste markets.


Eco-Safe Digester® Specifications

  Eco-Safe 4 Eco-Safe 8 Eco-Safe 12
24 Hour Capacity up to
800 lbs
up to
360 kg
up to
1600 lbs
up to
725 kg
up to
2400 lbs
up to
1090 kg
Dimensions Width 48 in 121.92 cm 59.75 in 152 cm 70 in 178 cm
Depth 34.25 in 87 cm 44 in 112 cm 44 in 112 cm
Height 47 in 119.38 cm 55 in 140 cm 55 in 140 cm
Weight 1100 lbs 500kg 1540 lbs 700kg 1680 lbs 760kg
Power Source United States 230 Volt Single-Phase 208 Volt 3-Phase
United Kingdom 230 Volt Single-Phase 400 Volt 3-Phase
Spec Sheet Download PDF

Eco-Safe Digester® Utility Usage

Eco-Safe 4 Eco-Safe 8 Eco-Safe 12
Water Consumption per 24 hours 60-90 gal 225-340 l 80-120 gal 300-450 l 100-150 gal 380-570 l
Liquid Discharge per 24 hours 90-150 gal 340-570 l 130-220 gal 490-830 l 180-300 gal 680-1130 l
Energy Consumption per month 100-200 kWh 150-250 kWh 300-400 kWh

Installation Requirements

  • Hot/cold water lines with mixing valve
  • Dedicated disconnect box
  • Access to floor drain
  • Internet Access (BioHiTech cloud® only)

Being smart about food waste has its benefits

Reduces food waste costs

Because food waste is processed on-site, there is a reduction in waste disposal costs.

Helps the environment

100% of food waste is diverted from landfills.

Provides actionable information

Smart cloud-connected machines provide the necessary data to modify supply chain management and reduce food waste.

Eliminates odors

Because food waste is processed and disposed of quickly, there is no odor and associated problems with outdoor exposure from bins and compactors.

No upfront capital costs

Economical monthly subscription plans available.

No additional handling required

No lengthy procedures for storing or handling food waste.

Life Cycle Assessment of BioHiTech Digesters for Food Waste Management

An independent study by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Delaware demonstrates how aerobic digester technology can significantly reduce the global warming impact of food waste disposal. Read the Life Cycle Assessment

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